Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Reason For Blog

Alright so look I don't know if I really qualify as blogger material but I am tired of something and it caused concern. Many of you are familiar with the name Rachel Ray well she bothers me. Sure she's good looking and can cook but bitch is tweeked! I hate the every day with blah blah blah....

Now you can vacation alone and go places spending only $40 a day while enjoying yourselves at such hotspots as blah, blah, blah.... Well now I'ma do it guy style more specifically my style. I'll be honest from the get go, it's strictly a humor attempt because I haven't and wont do most of the things that I post about, but I'll post'em anyway. because I think it's funny and don't give three shits if anybody else does.

Yeah so stick with me and we'll see how it goes.